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American Welding Society "Certified Welding Inspector" Examination Prep Course

Code Clinics and Hands-On Inspection Workshops to Prepare You for the AWS Certified Welding Inspector Examination

Topics to Talk About

Clarifying the Difference between Qualification and Certification in Nondestructive Testing.

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Visit the American Welding Society's website for addtional information regarding the Certified Welding Inspector program.

From AWS QC1:2007
Minimum Exam Score Requirements
Min # of Questions
Min % of Correct Answers
Part A - Fundamentals
Part B - Practical
Part C - Code Book
Composite Score

Get Prepared for the Examination

This 40 hour course is designed to assist you in your preparation for the AWS CWI Examination that you will soon be taking. Please note that registration for this class does not qualify as registration for the AWS CWI Examination. Each individual must contact AWS for a registration packet and submit their application to AWS before the cutoff date for each examination. Application submission deadline is six weeks prior to the scheduled exam date. Failure to register and receive your confirmation to test will eliminate you from taking the examination or if your application is received after the submission deadline, you will be assessed a $250 Fast Track fee. Click here for additional CWI Program Information on the AWS website.

Our prep classes are only scheduled to coincide with the AWS/CWI examinations offered in the Houston area. The course will be held at our campus the week prior to the Saturday on which the CWI examination is offered. For a complete AWS/CWI examination dates (with locations) for 2010, click here. For our course schedule, click here.

This course will meet a minimum of 8 hours per day with problem solving, practice examinations and reading assignments through-out the week. Students should bring to class each day their own copy of API 1104, a basic calculator not capable of metric conversions, paper and pencils. The AWS text book, "Welding Inspection Technology" will be furnished as a part of the class.



Course Content

AWS3200 Certified Welding Inspector Prep Course.
The course covers an 8 hour day of Code Book review over API 1104, 24 hours of general knowledge based on the 10 module book produced by the American Welding Society and an 8 hour day of hands- on application using weld replicas and tools similar to those used in the AWS Examination.

This program will use classroom activities in the form of power-point slides, practice examinations and hand-outs to ensure the student has an understanding of the information required by AWS to become a successful Certified Welding Inspector. The classroom activities will introduce the student to various information as well as the terms and definitions used by AWS for the examination rather than the industry jargon or non-standard terms that may lead to incorrect answers on the exam.

AWS3200 - American Welding Society "Certified Welding Inspector" Examination Prep Classroom Course
Preparation for Parts A, B and C of the CWI Examination; the AWS text book, Welding Inspection Technology is included in class materials; 40-hours (5 days)
Required for Class: API 1104, a basic calculator, paper & pencil and are the student's responsibility.

We are currently not offering this course.

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